What is a Jam Track ?

It is a piece of music specifically designed for guitarist to solo-jam over it.
There are no lead guitar parts on it, just the Rhythm Section (Drums, Bass, Rhythm Guitars etc)

Who makes those Jam tracks ?
All Jam Tracks @ JamTracks.com are composed and produced by Theodore Ziras.

Are there any copyrights issues?
All Jam Tracks are original composition and performed-produced by Theodore Ziras especially
JamTracks.com. Few of them are designed to recreate the vibe and sound of well known songs
but all of them are our compositions.

Duration of the Jam Tracks?
The duration of each Jam Track is 3-4 minutes long.

What each bundle contains?
Each bundle contains  10-12 high quality Jam tracks (read the description for each bundle)
PDF file with useful  information about each Jam Track (tempo, recommended scale etc)

I am not sure, can I check some free stuff?
Of course, please check the Free Downloads section on the menu.

In which currency can I pay?
Our prices are in Euros, but you can buy our products wherever you are.
When you pay, the PayPal site shows the total price in your local currency.
To check our prices in all currencies, you can use the
Currency Converter.

Is it safe to buy on line?
It is 100% safe. Downloads and Payments are processed through Tradebit and Paypal,
both companies are the biggest and the most secure wordlwide.
And of course we never see  your bank or credit card details.

How I will download my preferable product?
After finding you the product of your choice you will be redirected to Tradebit.com product page.
After hitting the
buy now
button you will be redirected to Paypal.com website for the payment process
when the payment is completed you will receive an email with the link for downloading your product.
It is simple fast and 100% secure

Tab files info
All of our Tab transcriptions and lesson notes are in PDF format and can be viewed in Acrobat Reader (Mac/PC/Linux)
We make all tabs with Powertab software.

Audio files info
All audio tracks are in mp3 format, encoded at 192kbps.
We choose this bitrate because it is the best compromise between sound quality and download time.
All mp3 files can be played by any of the popular mp3 media players as WinAmp , itunes etc.
Also Jam Tracks of have complete ID3 tags, so they will be displayed with artist, album and track information.

Video files info
The vides are in mp4 format. All videos can be played in iTunes, QuickTime, VLC and many other software video players.
The format is also supported by Windows Media Player (included version 12).
If you have an earlier version, you will need to download extra codecs such as


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